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Raw Honey with real honeycomb

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Amamio’s Raw Honey with Real Honeycomb is unique in its own right. Most honey products don’t include the real honeycomb, but not this jar of pure sweet goodness. Because of its added factor, the health advantages can range from reduced risks to disease prevention.

  • Honeycomb is rich in carbohydrates and beeswax that help lower cholesterol levels, protect and improve the liver, and naturally boost your immunity.
  • It has great antioxidants which prevent chronic diseases like cancer and heart ailments, avoids cell damage, and reduces risks for diabetes and dementia.
  • It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and resolves digestive issues serving as a natural prebiotic.
  • With some lemon and hot water, Raw honey can soothe sore throat, coughs, and colds.

Organic. Locally-sourced. Homemade.

These are what Amamio Farms stand for. A family-owned business that wishes to contribute to the Filipino’s growing curiosity towards healthy eating and lifestyle. We encourage organic farming practices by partnering with local farmers and providing genuine homemade products. We aim to offer better alternatives for consumption without expensive price points. Our hope is to help our dear customers in their journey towards a more mindful lifestyle.

As interest in healthier living rises, organic agriculture rises alongside it. And with this, we have pledged to work with farming communities in Mindanao to get quality goods and to share the rich resources we have in our local lands directly to the comforts of your home. So, you don’t have to worry about limited budgets or on where to get great and beneficial produce. With Amamio Farms, you can trust that what we deliver is nothing but all-natural goodness.